From the Wok

From the Wok

WK1 Phad Krapao

Thai favourite spicy stir fried dish with fresh

garlic,chilli,mushrooms,bellpeppers and holy basil leaves
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Chicken 12.95
Beef 13.95
Seafood 15.95
Roasted Duck 14.65
WK2Phad Medmamuang Himmaparn

Stir frieddish with cashew nut, mushrooms, bellpeppers, dry chilli and spring onions
Chicken 12.95
Tofu 11.65
WK3 Hoy Shell Phad Cha

Stir fried scallops with chilli and rhizome & peppercorn, fine beans
WK4 Phad Keemao

Stir fried drunken style dish with garlic, chilli, baby corn, fine beans, cherry tomatoes and hot basil leaves
Chicken 12.95
Beef 13.95
WK5 Nuer Phad Nam Mann Hoi

Stir fried beef with oyster sauce,onions,bellpeppers and spring onions
WK6 Goong & Hoy Phad Nor Mai Farang

Stir fried king prawns & scallops with asparagus and mushrooms in oyster sauce
WK7 Gai Phad Khing Sod

Stir fried chicken with black fungus, spring onion & gingers
WK8 Goong Thod Gra-Tiam

Deep fried prawn sauteed with garlic and ground white pepper sauce
WK9 Gai Phad Khing Sod

Roasted Duck with shiitake mushrooms topped with black pepper and tamarind sauce